Wondering where is a coffee shop where you can find Gibraltar coffee?  Here’s a list.  If you know of any others, tell me and I’ll add them.

  1. Auction Rooms (North Melbourne VIC, Australia)
  2. B2 Coffee Shop (San Jose, CA)
  3. Back Yard Coffee Co. (Redwood City, CA)
  4. Bear Pond Espresso (Tokyo, Japan)
  5. Bellano Coffee (Santa Clara, San Jose, CA)
  6. Blue Bottle (SF, Oakland, San Rafael, CA, Brooklyn, NY, New York , NY, etc.)
  7. Blueprint Coffee (St Louis, MO)
  8. Bourbon Coffee (New York, NY)
  9. Brew Craft Coffee (Redding, CA) (new)
  10. Bull Run Coffee Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
  11. Bunna Coffee Tea & Market (Mesa, AZ)
  12. Cafe Dulce (LA, CA)
  13. Cafe Grumpy (Costa rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Kenya, Guatemala., NYC, and ..?)
  14. Cafe Moto Roasters (San Diego, CA)
  15. Caffè Ritazza (Sanford airport, Vienna Airport, Toronto Pearson airport, Shanghai airport, Hainan Haikou airport, Xian airport, Copenhagen Central train station, Copenhagen Central airport, Sharm el-Sheik airport, Luxor airport, Cairo airport, Hurghada airport, as well as other airports..)
  16. Chromatic Cafe (Santa Clara, CA)
  17. Climpsons & Sons (London, England)
  18. Coffee Bar (SF, CA)
  19. Coffee Commissary (LA, CA)
  20. Commune Cafe (Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia, Vancouver, CA)
  21. Condesa Coffee (Atlanta, GA)
  22. Courier Coffee Roasters (Portland, Oregon)
  23. Diesel Cafe (Somerville, MA)
  24. dose-espresso (London, England)
  25. Caffe Duetto (Emeryville, CA)
  26. Dynamo Donuts and Coffee (SF, CA)
  27. Elaine’s Coffee Call (Chicago, IL)
  28. Epicenter Cafe (SF, CA)
  29. Fraiche Yogurt (Stanford Campus, Palo Alto, Fillmore, CA)
  30. Fourbarrel Coffee (SF, CA)
  31. Go Get Em Tiger (LA, DF)
  32. Gorilla Coffee (Brooklyn, NY)
  33. Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Inc. (Chicago Los Angeles, and SF, CA)
  34. Jane Cafe (SF, CA)
  35. Javista Organic Coffee Bar (LA, CA)
  36. Jewel Coffee (Singapore)
  37. Kafka’s Coffee and Tea (Vancouver, Canada)
  38. Kaldi’s Coffee (St. Louis, MO)
  39. Kettle Coffee & Tea (Escondido, CA)
  40. Kopplin’s (Saint Paul, MN)
  41. La Colombe (NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seoul)
  42. Lift Coffee Roasters (Riverside, CA)
  43. Little Dom’s (LA, CA)
  44. Lost Weekend NYC (New York, NY)
  45. Mission Beach Café (SF, CA)
  46. modern coffee (Oakland, CA)
  47. Noble Coffee Roasting (Ashland, OR)
  48. Oddly Correct Coffee Bar (Kansas City, MO)
  49. Oenotri (Nappa, CA)
  50. Parlour Coffee (Winnipeg, Canada)
  51. Patisserie G (Singapore)
  52. Piccino Coffee Bar (SF, CA)
  53. Red Door Coffee (SF, CA)
  54. Réveille Coffee Co. (SF, CA)
  55. Ristr8to-Coffee (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
  56. Ritual Roasters Bayview (SF, Nappa, CA)
  57. Roast, Inc. (Nashville, TN)
  58. Rooftop Coffee Bar (SF, CA)
  59. Second Best Coffee (Kansas City, Missouri)
  60. Simon’s Coffee Shop (Cambridge, MA)
  61. Southside Coffee (New York, NY)
  62. Square One Coffee (Lancaster, PA)
  63. Swallow Café (Brooklyn, NY)
  64. Taza a Social Coffee House (Arcadia, CA
  65. Temple Coffee Roaster (Sacramento, CA)
  66. The Café at Café du Nord (SF, CA)
  67. The Opposite Cafe (Leeds, England)
  68. Tina, We Salute You (London, UK)
  69. Toby’s Estate (Singapore)
  70. Trafique Coffee (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  71. Trouble Coffee (SF, CA)
  72. WTF Coffee Lab (Brooklyn, NY)
  73. ZombieRunners Espresso (Palo Alto, CA)
  74. (Tell me) ??


15 thoughts on “where

  1. Where?! Bull Run Coffee in Minneapolis appears to be a roaster..but I am not seeing any cafe’s/ coffee bars? Would love to find one!!

  2. Owner of ZombieRunner, Palo Alto, CA here. We don’t serve a gibraltar by name; however, our short-poured cappuccino is similar, though perhaps slightly hotter – ours is 140-150. Also, note, our store name is ZombieRunner Running Store and Espresso Cafe (you’d written ‘ZombieRunners Espresso’). Thanks.

  3. Thank you for this website and explanation! To add to your list: Cafe Luna in Cambridge, MA serves an excellent Gibraltar. I was saddened to hear that Blue Bottle is ceasing its wholesale operations and focusing only on its own stores. It will make it much more difficult for us displaced Californians to find them in other corners of the country!

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