My name is Noam Gordon.  I live in Palo Alto, California.  I am a founder who has built products such as RadarSync, The Home Radio and .. ComplainApp.  I really like high quality coffee, such “Gibraltar Coffee,” which I first drank at Epicenter Cafe in SF.  It blew my mind – I loved that it’s kind of a “mini Latte,” without the cream (I’m not crazy about too much milk/cream in my coffee).  Since then, I’ve been dreaming about more and more of that coffee.  Out of that love, I bought GibraltarCoffee.com, and I plan to publish from time to time information about Gibraltar and other great coffee, such as its origin, where to get awesome coffee, the effects, and some bloody good tips.

I am not affiliated with any coffeeshop or any coffee brand. My vision is to form a community, even a club, of lovers of high quality coffee. And to give this group a voice, so that coffee shop owners will give us what we want.

Enjoy the coffee…and share🙂 , and feel free to share your good positive thoughts (no advertisements, pls).

Peace with Gibraltar,



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