Visiting Red Berry Coffee Bar for the first time as a virgin

I was really glad to find out that there is a shop near me that serves #GibraltarCoffee – Red Berry (what a great name) is located in the convenient downtown of Los Altos.

Parking is super easy.

California sun engulfs the bodies outside.

Great shop exterior (big coffee bean logos from all the great bean companies we have here in California. The logos take the focus from the store’s logo)

Even greater look Inside.

Good coffee making noises…

Not many people, but that’s ok.

Great vibe.

3 baristas.

They knew Gibraltar Coffee.

A bit pricey (high-end attitude, forgiven by all).

My Gibraltar was bitter, and that’s wrong – coffee should NOT be bitter.  Since the beans and machines are right, my guess is: maintenance to the coffee machine; lacking respect. I didn’t say anything until I was about to leave. The response was the most amazing ever: not a denial, but instead: “if it was from me, you would not get it bitter. Ask for ME next time, not the other barista that was here in the morning.”  Whaaattttt????  What?????

Overall, I give 3 stars on the #GibraltarCoffee scale.



The Gibraltar Coffee is looking ok.



Plenty of space in Los Alto..I love it.


I will come back to this shop.


Let’s cheer for the healthy coffee of double espresso!