Review: Gib @ Back Yard Coffee of Redwood City, Feb 18, 2013

Those of you who have been there probably felt the great bribe. Back Yard Coffee (of Redwood City) is very spacious. It’s located in an area where there’s not much else there.  Lots of parking spaces.  No intensity from the environment.  Great vibe, pure coffee, north of Palo Alto. And.. it is opened until 10pm, hello!

I asked my friend Oded to ask what he thinks about their Gibraltar and he said:

“It’s stronger than regular coffee, but it’s less bitter. One of the reasons why I don’t drink coffee is because of the bitterness, but this isn’t bitter. You taste the milk more, you taste the whipped milk, the coffee.  Is there sugar in here?  Wow, no sugar.  Even more so then. There’s a great, positive aftertaste of milk.”

Back Yard Coffee Co.
Gibraltar coffee at Back Yard Coffee Co. ( 965 Brewster Ave, Redwood City, CA 94063). #GibraltarCoffee
Gibraltar is a menu item, at last!!
Gibraltar is a menu item, at last!!
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piano piano..
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I don’t like this guy

photo 4-6 Scale: 9




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  1. It’s all about the Backyard, man, I go there with my mom almost every morning. Awesome coffee, atmosphere and service, they’ve got live music and baby grand piano! Super cozy couches and free wifi, what more could anyone want?

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