Gibraltar @ B2 Coffee – Jan 13 13 – Review

Visiting B2 Coffee, to taste their Gibraltar coffee ( – it was a great experience!

B2 Coffee is located in a hidden hangar area in the San Pedro Public Market. It takes few mins to find the place, but once you find it, you freak at the originality of the place. When you talk to, and see the baristas, you double freak, as they really – you can see – know the coffee life.

The Gibraltar at B2 was pretty good (not made by Blue Bottle beans). Very rough, strong strong no a take not hostages taste, which not something I usually like (I like it a BIT strong, and no more, but – that’s only me). However, the Gib there is still a celebration, and I highly recommend it. Look at the video – the coffeeshop is really unique, and they sure know how to make the Gib.

GibraltarCoffee Scale: 8