Mint SF’s Blue Bottle Coffee – Review – Jan 16, 2013

Gibraltar, blue bottle coffee
Gibraltar @ blue bottle coffee

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Today I visited THE Blue, of 66 Mint Plaza of SF.  I expect a lot, since these are the inventors of Gibraltar coffee.  I also assumed that it would be too snobbish, too expensive, and too dark/strong. All of my assumptions were wrong, and I am glad.

Ok, so it was cold there, and had to wait in line (no more than 5 mins), BUT – the mustached staff greeted me and took care of all in a charming way, and they were NOT snobs at all!!  You could see – though – that they take a great pride in their coffee making and beans.  Here they are:

Blue baristas in action
Blue baristas in action

Now, look how they are making my Gibraltar.  Wow, right?

How blue makes the Gibraltar
How blue makes the Gibraltar

photo 3-3  photo 2-3 photo 1-3

Look at the art!!

And, for the first time ever, I received a MOCHA Gib.  I couldn’t keep still out of pure joy!

The coffee was not strong, and very smooth; it was just perfect.

And not expensive.. Scale: 10

Highly recommended!