Gibraltar @ Bellano Coffee – Review

Gibraltar @ Bellano Coffee - Review Great Gibraltar @ Bellano Coffee - Review

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You pass by Chromatic Coffee on Stevens Creek Blvd and keep going through an industrial area with NOTHING (almost) there, just nothing besides car dealers and sh**. There you will find a little shop, cozy, very heated, great music, smiley owners, smiley customers (many regulars) who love the coffee, and what they’re occupied with (mainly inside their iPhones and Macs), and…life is good.
The Gibraltar was superb – the glass was right, the beans of utmost quality (not Blue Bottle), and I really liked it that the Barista – instead of yelling – just brings the drink all the way to your table, with a smile, proud of what he made, waiting for your reaction (like a French chef?). Totally awesome Gibraltar experience — we need more Bellanos!
gibraltar coffee @ Bellano Coffee
I met my friend Yossi there, who told me that this is the place he waits at while getting his car fixed. The dealer is right across the street, and always gives him bad attitude & service, BUT when he comes to Belano, life stands still and he mellows out for a few hours. He really loves Bellano.

I met another friend there too — Mike. He asked the owner to put together some kind of breakfast for him: bagel, some granola, a banana… They found some random food and made him a hearty breakfast, on the spot. How cool is that?
This was Mike’s first Gibraltar, and this is how he described it:

“it starts with the bitterness of espresso, which I personally like, and as it goes down your throat, it finishes with creaminess of a cappuccino or a latte. . The cup is larger than espresso, smaller than latte, so in a way it is a hybrid….”

I think he liked it.

For me, the Gibraltar at Chromatic Coffee is still the best. Little Dom’s in LA was a lot stronger and kind of bitter for my taste (and pricy). Bellano’s Gib is somewhere in the middle. BUT the atmosphere at this coffee shop is so good that you can only enjoy the experience there, all the way to the sky…

Noam Gordon enjoying Gibraltar @ Bellano Coffee
That’s me, really enjoying my Gibraltar (thanks @BellanoCoffee !)

*Chromatic Scale = 8



*What is the Chromatic Scale?
Well, of all the Gibraltar’s I’ve had, the one that was by far the best was at Chromatic Coffee in Santa Clara. It was smooth, strong but not too strong, with no bitterness at all. Chromatic is — for me, for now — the gold standard of Gibraltar Coffee. Every other Gib I taste, I can’t help comparing to Chromatic’s. My shorthand way to do this is to rate every Gibraltar I drink on a “Chromatic Scale” with 10 reserved for the best, smoothest, finely calibrated and not bitter Gibraltar.