Jan 6th (2013) visit to Little Dom’s

Gibraltar coffee review @ Jan 6th visit to Little Dom's
Gibraltar coffee review @ Jan 6th visit to Little Dom’s

Little Dom’s was recommended by a friend. Located in the very funky neighborhood of Los Feliz/Hillhurst Ave in LA. I was surprised to find out that it’s NOT a coffee shop, it’s a restaurant! So – yes, I loved the atmosphere there, the service was great (very experienced waiter), great food, music from the ’70s and ’80s (that makes the owner around my age?), and a very “organic” healthy warm atmosphere (especially good on a cold day like yesterday) .

When I asked if they have “Gibraltar”, the waiter looked at me — I am not making this up, my family with me noticed it too — with ADMIRATION. Yeah, I scored points with him (but…does it matter? WTF…?)

It took 6 mins for the Gibraltar to be served, before the food (which was my hope exactly). And it looked GOOD (see pictures), really good.

Tastes: STRONG, very very strong, like four espresso shots, which is GOOD, because we all want to screw our brains, don’t we?

Personally, I like mine less strong. Maybe it was the beans. But I will not say that it was not a good Gib.

The price was bad, though: $5.00!! (not even $4.95…)

Oh, and one more thing – my son reported that bathrooms at Little Dom’s are “kind of dark, which is intersting”. LOL

Good visit, though. I totally enjoyed it and recommend that you visit too.

PS/Look at the updated “Where”, where I compiled a list of all shops (almost 40 by now) that serve Gibraltar Coffee.