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Yesterday I drank a Gibraltar coffee at Chromatic Coffeeshop (@CHROMATICCOFFEE) – this was my second time there under its new management/owners (they used to be Barefoot Coffee and the rumor (…) says that one day one of their (happy…) customers came in and bought not just a cup of coffee (which was too artsy fartsy and expensive for my taste), but – yeah! – the whole coffeeshop. And let me be the first to say, it is so much better now. I love the vibe at Chromatic now. I also haven’t tasted a better Gibraltar Coffee than the one served at Chromatic, and so I plan to start having my bay area meetings there in 2013 like …once a week?

PS/I am asking Chromatic to respond here, you will hear from them soon (Chromatic – pls tell us if the rumor is true? Also tell us a bit more (but in a non boring way?) abt your history and …why.)

Entered Jan 13, 2013:

What is the Chromatic Scale?
Well, of all the Gibraltar’s I’ve had, the one that was by far the best was at Chromatic Coffee in Santa Clara.  It was smooth, strong but not too strong, with no bitterness at all.  Chromatic is —  for me, for now — the gold standard of Gibraltar Coffee.  Every other Gib I taste, I can’t help comparing to Chromatic’s.  My shorthand way to do this is to rate every Gibraltar I drink on a “Chromatic Scale” with 10 reserved for the best, smoothest, finely calibrated and not bitter Gibraltar.

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