Gib at Equator Coffee At Prooflab

Such a beautiful surfing place. Such a great vibe, very kind team, good colors all around, photo gallery too; I totally freaked out just being there.

To their credit, they knew what Gibraltar Coffee is.

To their credit, the coffee look & feel (& smell) was great.

To Equator Coffee at Prooflab’s discredit, the gib was not good. It’s not that it was bitter; strangely something else was going on in my mind when I drank the GibraltarCoffee and cappuccino:
There was a contradiction of chemicals and components, and it was intolerable, intimidating, cannot be ignored.

Sorry, good guys, try again!








Equator Coffee At Prooflab on GibraltarCoffee scale: 4


Red Berry is Portlandia?

So today I decided to re-visit my (yes!) favorite Los Altos place – a very cute hidden new coffee place called Red Berry.

This is maybe my 20th visit here..  It’s such a lovely place, I enjoy sitting and jamming here a lot.

The coffee suppose to be very very high-end, where you can choose the beans of use for your coffee from 3 top artisan coffee beans, and thats a great idea.

The staff (always >2, why??) is very friendly and super calm.

The coffee was bad, though, all the time.  It’s like something is missing, only ONE parameter is not there (more maintaincene? or the water? who know, right?).

Last time I felt like I’m at Portlandia all over again..:  The owner sat near me, and so i asked him to taste my coffee bc it’s no good.  It seems like he confirmed that something is…missing (he was actually drinking from my small gibraltar cup, that’s so hilarious, that’s so weird Portlandia!!), and yet..he didn’t get back to me with call-to-action, he didn’t do anything, that’s soooooo funny, that’s so hilarious, that’s soooo Portlandia, I loved it (going to Portland soon)!!

So today I came fresh, asked for Gibraltar and gave a new chance. And yet again – the coffee looks great (see pix below) and yet BITTER, even SOUR.  No Good, kind of screwed up.  Whatever – if I keep getting Portlandia here, I might still get healthy from the good comedy of coffee life.


I’m giving Red Berry 2 stars of the #GibraltarCoffee scale, bc that’s what I have.


Look how nice is the neighborhood outside:




Visiting Javista of LA (Aug 14, 2014)

Biking two hours from Santa Monica toward sunset blvd, landing (I planned!) on Javista today. Loved my sport, loved the adventure of exploring new gib place!

This Coffeeshop has a Great vibe, great deco, really like the pix on the walls, and to see the love of the people to the place.

Many ppl with hats- well that’s LA?

On the menu I see TWO Gibraltars, and that’s a world record (usually #GibraltarCoffee is a hidden menu item):
1. Matcha Gibraltar (whatever it is, I am not even going to check what it is, let’s call it a mystery..)
2. Gibraltar

On the right side – the beans of use – Urth. Urgggggg…That’s wrong, man, I said, and yet I gave it a try.

The cashier started to lecture me why it calls gibraltarcoffee and I said: save it, I know the why gibraltarcoffee story.

The barista looks like a great guy that loves the coffee of his life. It took him less than 60 secs to make me my gib, and that’s another world record.

The gib looks feel and smell fantastic.

The taste is strong strong deep rich condense. It take cares of you bc you have it closely.

Love it basically, all besides some bitterness (duh, Urth beans, come on, why those??)

I will give Javista 4 stars out of 5, and great appreciations of listing the gib as a menu item TWICE.





Gib Photo of the Day, by alainlicious (and caffein as a med for headache)

Photo by alainlicious.


and it is Sun, July 6, and I have a headache since last night.  I tried to cure it with a strong black coffee (beans from ZombieRunners) – results were pretty good – my ache is eased, and I feel some relief.  Try caffein against headache sometimes…

Have a good one-NG


world of chemicals …

“Coffee contains about 1500 chemicals. The different groups of chemicals present in coffee are –150 Aliphatic compounds, 56 Carbonyl compounds, 9 Sulfur containing compounds, 20 Alicyclic compounds, 10 Ketones, 60 Aromatic benzenoid compounds, 16 Phenols, 300 Heterocyclic compounds, 74 Furans, 10 Hydrofurans, 37 Pyrroles, 9 Pyridines, 2 Quinolines, 70 Pyrazines, 10 Quinoxalines, 3 Indoles, 23 Thiophens, 3 Thiophenones, 28 Thiazoles, 28 Oxazole.Coffee contains huge numbers of compounds. About 800 – 1000 aroma compounds caffeine, carbohydrates, chlorogenic acids, trigonelline, lipids, melanoidins, volatile compounds.”

via world of chemicals | How coffee keeps us awake?.