Gib Photo of the Day, by alainlicious (and caffein as a med for headache)

Photo by alainlicious.


and it is Sun, July 6, and I have a headache since last night.  I tried to cure it with a strong black coffee (beans from ZombieRunners) – results were pretty good – my ache is eased, and I feel some relief.  Try caffein against headache sometimes…

Have a good one-NG


world of chemicals …

“Coffee contains about 1500 chemicals. The different groups of chemicals present in coffee are –150 Aliphatic compounds, 56 Carbonyl compounds, 9 Sulfur containing compounds, 20 Alicyclic compounds, 10 Ketones, 60 Aromatic benzenoid compounds, 16 Phenols, 300 Heterocyclic compounds, 74 Furans, 10 Hydrofurans, 37 Pyrroles, 9 Pyridines, 2 Quinolines, 70 Pyrazines, 10 Quinoxalines, 3 Indoles, 23 Thiophens, 3 Thiophenones, 28 Thiazoles, 28 Oxazole.Coffee contains huge numbers of compounds. About 800 – 1000 aroma compounds caffeine, carbohydrates, chlorogenic acids, trigonelline, lipids, melanoidins, volatile compounds.”

via world of chemicals | How coffee keeps us awake?.

Pic of the Day + WHERE a new entry for Trafique Coffee


Trafique (traf-ik) Coffee was added to WHERE to get Gib today. Trafique Coffeeshop is located at Jakarta, Indonesia and (See above) they do a gibraltar coffee there, quite nicely, according to the Instagram, etc.  

Welcome to the family, Trafique!


Visiting Red Berry Coffee Bar for the first time as a virgin

I was really glad to find out that there is a shop near me that serves #GibraltarCoffee – Red Berry (what a great name) is located in the convenient downtown of Los Altos.

Parking is super easy.

California sun engulfs the bodies outside.

Great shop exterior (big coffee bean logos from all the great bean companies we have here in California. The logos take the focus from the store’s logo)

Even greater look Inside.

Good coffee making noises…

Not many people, but that’s ok.

Great vibe.

3 baristas.

They knew Gibraltar Coffee.

A bit pricey (high-end attitude, forgiven by all).

My Gibraltar was bitter, and that’s wrong – coffee should NOT be bitter.  Since the beans and machines are right, my guess is: maintenance to the coffee machine; lacking respect. I didn’t say anything until I was about to leave. The response was the most amazing ever: not a denial, but instead: “if it was from me, you would not get it bitter. Ask for ME next time, not the other barista that was here in the morning.”  Whaaattttt????  What?????

Overall, I give 3 stars on the #GibraltarCoffee scale.



The Gibraltar Coffee is looking ok.



Plenty of space in Los Alto..I love it.


I will come back to this shop.


Let’s cheer for the healthy coffee of double espresso!






Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

Many think that coffee helps to go bathroom.  And they are right – here see the scientific facts:

One study, published in 1990 in Gut, a journal of gastroenterology, found that coffee induces a “gastrocolonic response” in some individuals just minutes after they consume the beverage. While the study failed to identify the exact cause of this response, researchers hypothesized that coffee somehow affects the epithelial tissue lining the stomach and the small intestine.

The Gut study also found that coffee promotes the release of gastrin, a hormone produced within the stomach and known to increase motor activity in the colon. As this area of the of the colon is closest to the rectum, researchers concluded that increased activity there could be responsible for coffee’s laxative effects.

While certain health professionals believe it’s the caffeine in coffee that causes heightened motor activity — or contractions — in the colon, the Gut study found that in certain individuals even decaffeinated coffee stimulates the need to defecate. This led the researchers to conclude that it’s not caffeine, but some other substance in coffee that’s responsible for the drink’s reputation as a purgative.” ..

More: Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?By Elizabeth Palermo, Live Science