Gibraltar Coffee Pic of the week, by Lift Coffee Roasters

Autumn Gibraltar for Halloween #liftcoffeeroasters

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By: liftcoffeeroasters

Coffeeshop: Lift Coffee Roasters

Instagram Line: “Autumn Gibraltar for Halloween #liftcoffeeroasters”

Notes: Good coffee colors on garments, and do you see the good flag there?

Gib at Equator Coffee At Prooflab

Such a beautiful surfing place. Such a great vibe, very kind team, good colors all around, photo gallery too; I totally freaked out just being there.

To their credit, they knew what Gibraltar Coffee is.

To their credit, the coffee look & feel (& smell) was great.

To Equator Coffee at Prooflab’s discredit, the gib was not good. It’s not that it was bitter; strangely something else was going on in my mind when I drank the GibraltarCoffee and cappuccino:
There was a contradiction of chemicals and components, and it was intolerable, intimidating, cannot be ignored.

Sorry, good guys, try again!








Equator Coffee At Prooflab on GibraltarCoffee scale: 4